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#FlashbackFriday: Brenna D’Amico’s Most Epic Pics!


#FlashbackFriday: Brenna D’Amico’s Most Epic Pics!

We can always count on the “Descendants” star to post the best childhood photos

1. For Halloween 2005, she dressed as Sleeping Beauty. Ten years later, she’d star in a Disney movie!


2. Do you think she still uses the same laptop for her social media posts?! JK!

3. Brenna’s the most adorable cheerleader ever!

4. But did you know that in Descendants, she was actually the school mascot?!

5. Here’s Brenna and her little sister, Aubree, celebrating Christmas in 2006!

6. Could there be a sweeter pair of sisters?

7. Nope!

8. Here’s Brenna on Halloween 2004!

9. Just a lil’ one-year-old here, she’s enjoying a cupcake!

10. And our fave throwback, is Brenna mean muggin’ for the cameras!

Thanks for all the great pics, Brenna! You were beautiful then, and you’re so beautiful now!

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