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The Silly Reason #TylerOakleyIsOverParty Trended Yesterday


The Silly Reason #TylerOakleyIsOverParty Trended Yesterday

It’s NOT what you think!

It all started with a half off sale of oreos that Tyler saw at CVS. He thought he would share the good news with his followers so that they could take advantage of the affordable snacks too. That’s a pretty nice thing to do! He could have just saved the sale for himself instead of telling everyone about it. 



He also thought he could share his opinion with his followers and tell them that he actually isn’t even a huge fan of Oreos himself.

Shortly after that tweet was posted, #TylerOakleyIsOverParty was trending on Twitter and everyone thought it was because something bad had happened.

It turns out that the hashtag was literally only because Tyler said he doesn’t like Oreos. Usually when that hashtag trends with a name, it’s because of a questionable choice or statement.

Tyler addressed the silly situation and told everyone that he just prefers salty to sweet. Us too, Tyler!

So if you saw #TylerOakleyIsOverParty trending yesterday, don’t worry! He might not like Oreos, but that’s actually GOOD news. It means more for those of you who do!

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