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#FollowFriday: Here’s Why Loren Gray Is The Queen Of Instagram


#FollowFriday: Here’s Why Loren Gray Is The Queen Of Instagram

Her account really has it all.

You guys know Loren Gray – she’s a talented singer, she absolutely killed it guest starring in HRVY’s music video, and she’s super Insta famous! But after taking a closer look, we realized that Loren’s Instagram truly has it all.

Girl has the selfie game on lock. Her Insta is full of gorgeous selfies like this one:

But she’s also full of LOLs and posts pics like this to troll body shaming haters:

She posted this photo with the caption “maybe she’s born with it” which made us truly LOL:

But her Insta videos are really where her account reaches a new level. Just watch all of these and enjoy the perfection and comedy stylings of Loren Gray:

Thanks for always being you Loren!

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