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Meet Sofia and Paulina Carson’s Pup, Joey Tribbiani


Meet Sofia and Paulina Carson’s Pup, Joey Tribbiani


Meet Joey Tribbiani, the puppy. You may recognize that name from the iconic character on “Friends” but Joey Tribbiani isn’t just a hilarious sandwich-loving actor in New York City, that name also belongs to Sofia Carson and her sister Paulina’s new dog!

Joey made his first appearance on Instagram when Paulina posted the caption “@sofiacarson we have a new roommate” with this photo:

Then Joey made his way to Vancouver, Canada to visit the set of “Descendants 3” and snap some adorable photos with the cast:

And some more photos with his mom Paulina:

Sofia was also spotted holding Joey (though she tagged him as Paulina) on Father’s Day:

See Joey in action in this adorable video:

Thanks for being so stinking cute, Joey Tribbiani!

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