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#FurbabyFriday: Johnny and Lauren Orlando’s Pups


#FurbabyFriday: Johnny and Lauren Orlando’s Pups

Bentley and Leo are the cutest!

Introducing….a brand new column! Get used to Furbaby Friday, the column where we take some time to appreciate all of the cutest and sweetest pets that are BFFs with your fave stars! 

Today, we’re obsessed with Lauren and Johnny Orlando’s pups, Bentley and Leo! These adorable dogs are Malteses and they even have their own Instagram! You can check out their adventures on Instagram @BentleyandLeo!

Here are some of the cutest pics Johnny and Lauren have shared with their cute furbabies:

Everybody loves these cute pups!

Who do you want to see in next week’s #FurbabyFriday?!

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