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This Teen’s Small Act of Kindness Left an Unbelievable Impact


This Teen’s Small Act of Kindness Left an Unbelievable Impact

18-year-old Evoni’s story is proof of why #KindnessMatters.

When you do a good deed for others, it’s important to help out because it’s the right thing to do — not because someone’s watching, or you want it to go viral on social media. But when a really awesome story just so happens to gain some attention, we’ve *got* to share it with you, because it just may inspire your own moments of kindness.

18-year-old Evoni Williams works at a Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, where she is saving up money for college. When she met an elderly customer who was struggling to cut up his food, she went the extra mile to help him out.

78-year-old Adrien Charpentier told KVUE ABC that he was having some problems with his hands, and Evoni stopped by to talk to him for awhile and cut his meat for him. Another customer at the restaurant noticed what was happening, and snapped a photo of the two together. When the image was posted to Facebook, it resonated with so many people!

It’s not just the tens of thousands of likes, shares, and comments! Even the City office of La Marque took notice, and honored the teen with her very own commemorative day.

Plus, Texas Southern University came through and awarded Evoni with a $16,000 scholarship to help out with her studies.

The best part of the story is that the teen doesn’t think she did anything particularly special. As she told the news station, “It’s something I would do any other day.”

Her story is a beautiful reminder that little acts of kindness really add up to make a huge difference, which is why it’s important to make the effort any chance you get.

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