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Gabi DeMartino Opens Up About Her Health Struggles After Dramatically Changing Her Hair


Gabi DeMartino Opens Up About Her Health Struggles After Dramatically Changing Her Hair

She has a new hair color, but it’s not just any old makeover.

YouTuber Gabi DeMartino has been rocking super long, platinum blonde hair for quite some time now. Fans may even consider it to be her signature shade. But over the weekend she decided to go back to her roots and dye her locks a rich chocolate brown shade — and there’s a really compelling reason why.

“So I did a little something ??????,” Gabi captioned her makeover reveal on Instagram. This total style transformation isn’t just something the star did on a whim. Gabi took to social media to share a message about why she decided to transform her hair color, and revealed a personal story about her health that nobody knew she was going through.

In a message posted to her YouTube and Instagram Stories, she explained that her blonde hair reminded her of an unhappy and unhappy time when she was struggling with a hypothyroidism diagnosis. This endocrine system disorder not only zapped her energy, but completely changed her body and how she felt about herself.

“I decided to change my hair because the blonde reminded me of my long/hard weight battle that I battled all year that no longer wanted to face everyday while looking in the mirror,” Gabi shared with fans in her message.

It’s really inspiring that Gabi decided to make an outward physical change to mark a positive health and wellness change that she is going through.

Of course, Gabi looks so incredible with her new natural brunette look. But most importantly, she looks so happy!

We wish her all the best as she continues to work toward taking care of her health.

To see more about what Gabi and her sister Niki have to say about loving yourself and shrugging off haters, make sure to watch our exclusive video below.

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