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Happy 14th Birthday, Johnny Orlando!!


Happy 14th Birthday, Johnny Orlando!!

See 14 (of the 14 million) reasons why he’s one of our favorite people ever.

It’s crazy to think we’ve only known Johnny Orlando for a year. He’s so nice and fun to be around, you feel like you’ve known him forever! In honor of his 14th birthday, here’s 14 reasons why we love Johnny.


1. He loves his fans SO MUCH:

2. He’s got an amazing voice and first got noticed for his awesome cover vids:

3. But his original music is even more awesome!

4. He’s so hilarious and has the best sense of humor!

5. He could literally be a model:

6. He’s so close with his family and always talks about how much they mean to him:

7. He loves dogs, especially his pup, Bentley!

8. And now, he’s a fashion designer! Is there anything he can’t do?!

9. He’s always posting inspirational messages:

10. He’s got the best smile:

11. He shares our love for Chipotle:

12. His merch is the dopest:

13. His new single, “Missing You” is a total BOP!

14. And last but not least, Johnny’s YSBnow cover story is one of our absolute favorites. Watch it now! Happy birthday, Johnny!!

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