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Happy Birthday, Aaron Carpenter!


Happy Birthday, Aaron Carpenter!

Aaron’s birthday MEGA POST inside.

It’s Aaron Carpenter’s birthday and we are SO EXCITED to celebrate with our favorite reasons we love him, his music, and which celebs have already wished him a happy birthday all rolled into one epic birthday mega post in honor of Aaron! 

Here are the celebs who wished Aaron a happy birthday so far! 

Jonah Marais

Johnny Orlando

Mahogany Lox (who also shares a birthday with him! Happy Bday Mahogany!)

(We’ll add to this list as his celeb friends tweet)

Here are 5 reasons we LOVE Aaron Carpenter!

1. His smile is contagious – he smiles, we smile.

2. “She Know What She Doin’” is on all of our party playlists.

3. His Vines are always hilarious and relatable. This Starbucks one is one of our faves!

4. He’s multitalented – check out this video of him teaching himself piano!

5. He loves performing for his fans and making you guys happy. His fans are everything.

Happy birthday, Aaron! You deserve the best day ever.

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