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12 Funny Costumes to Inspire You This Halloween


12 Funny Costumes to Inspire You This Halloween


Stuck on what to wear for this spooky holiday? Maybe you and your gang can’t come up with a solid idea on which #squadgoals to follow? Don’t worry! We’ve searched all around the Internet and came up with the best costume inspirations for this Halloween!

1. Your favorite Starbucks Frapp, topped with whipped cream of course!

2. Damian from Mean Girls

3. Your favorite Pretty Little Liars

4. Awkward School Picture Day (big glasses and sweater vest preferred!)

5. The Belcher Kids

6. A Walking Selfie

7. Shark Week

8. Netflix and Chill (perfect for you and your bff!)

9. Mary Poppins (OMG, isn’t LC too cute in this?)

10. Pop Art

11. The Aliens From ‘Toy Story’

12. Our favorite 90s British Girl Pop group… The Spice Girls, of course!

Did our looks inspire you to dress up this Halloween? Do you have any inspirations of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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