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Happy Birthday, Brenna D’Amico!


Happy Birthday, Brenna D’Amico!

See why we’re celebrating the ‘Descendants’ star today!

Brenna is one of our favorite young actresses we’ve gotten the pleasure to work with and every time we hang out with her, it’s a total blast. 


Today we’re celebrating Brenna’s birthday with 5 reasons she’s the best!

1. She’s MEGA-talented. Not only can she act, but she’s an amazing singer! Listen to one of her many amazing covers here:

2. She’s a hilarious actress. Her character Jane was a real scene stealer in Descendants! We can’t wait to see what Jane does in Descendants

3. She’s super nice! Even though she might not look it in this gif, she’s one of the sweetest people we know! A day with Brenna is a day well spent!

4. She’s a great friend. When she hung out with her BFF Sophie Reynolds for the first time at our launch party, we knew these two would be BFFs. Her friends are always saying how amazing she is to be friends with.

Cameron Boyce captioned the photo, “Happy birthday to someone with the most infectious spirit… you are the definition of pure hearted.” AWWWWW!

5. She’s super fun and she’s an amazing role model. When we live streamed with Brenna this summer, we had so much fun just chatting with her – check out the full video below! Happy birthday, Brenna!

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