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Harry Potter’ Star Opens Up About Mental Health


Harry Potter’ Star Opens Up About Mental Health

Devon Murray talks about his 10 year battle with depression.

by Shannon Roberts

Harry Potter actor Devon Murray, better known in the wizardly world as Seamus Finnigan, has opened  up about his experience battling depression and suicidal thoughts on twitter earlier this week. On World Mental Health Day, the actor spoke about his 10-year struggle on twitter. 


The inspiring actor shows how much of a difference talking about these issues can make and cheers his thousands of fans to “open up” as he did. He went on to encourage them to reach out to friends and family members to “let them know you care.”

We’re not the only ones so proud of the Harry Potter star. Shannon Purser who plays our favorite missing teenager, Barb, on Stranger Things, shared the message and spread the love.

The U.K. mental health charity Mind also joined in celebrating Devon’s bravery of opening up. Mind spokeperson Rachael Mackenzie told Newsweek:

“By Devon sharing that talking about his own depression, this can prompt people to ask for help with their own problems and can break down the stigma that still surrounds mental health, sparking conversations that may otherwise never happened.”

We’re so happy that they’re spreading awareness for something that affects so many! If you’re going through a hard time, never be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone. When we support each other, the world is magical.

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