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Harvey Guillen Shares a Powerful #ThrowbackThursday Message


Harvey Guillen Shares a Powerful #ThrowbackThursday Message

“After waiting as long as I could, I left work and risked getting fired – because I had nothing to lose.”

Harvey Guillen is one of the most talented and well-respected actors in young Hollywood. He also happens to be one of the sweetest guys we know, and a constant source of inspiration.

Earlier today, he told us about how this #ThrowbackThursday is particularly special for him – because exactly seven years ago, the very first episode of his very first TV show, Huge, premiered on ABC Family.

Harvey will never forget about the day of his final callback. “I almost didn’t make the final callback because my boss at the time wouldn’t let me leave early from work,” he says. “She promised I’d be out by 4 so I could make my 4:30 appointment, but then she said I had to stay and help tidy up. I had this feeling like I had to go because this role was perfect for me. After waiting as long as I could, I left work and risked getting fired because I had nothing, so I had nothing to lose.”

While driving to the audition, a car hit Harvey from behind. But nothing would stop him from getting to this audition. When he finally arrived, it was 5:15. “They were about to leave,” he says. “I was the last one they saw. After my emotional audition, the creator said, ‘I’m sorry. I have to give you a hug.'”

The rest is history – Harvey won the role of Alistair on the cult drama. And since that time, he’s appeared in countless memorable TV and film roles, and even won a coveted GLAAD Media Award! Currently, Harvey is working on Season 4 of Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, and stars alongside Ross Lynch and Olivia Holt in the upcoming film, Status Update

He’s a powerful example of what happens when you believe in yourself and never let anything stop you for pursuing your dreams. We love you, Harvey!

Photos: From Huge (c) ABC Family. Main Photo: Courtesy of Valentina Vee. With Ross: Courtesy of Harvey Guillen

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