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Here’s What Critics Are Saying About Harry Styles’ “Dunkirk” Debut


Here’s What Critics Are Saying About Harry Styles’ “Dunkirk” Debut

The movie hits theaters on July 21, but some have gotten a sneak peek

If you’re a longtime, passionately-devoted One Direction fan, there’s no doubt that you already know how talented the guys are when it comes to their music. But now, the entire fandom is anxiously awaiting Harry Styles acting debut in the highly-anticipated film, Dunkirk, where he’ll play a soldier fighting in World War II.

The film hits theaters on July 21, and clearly this is way different from anything Harry’s ever done before. (Yes, we know and love that 1D appeared on Nickelodeon’s iCarly back in the day, but this is a whole new universe!) “It was amazing,” says Harry of the filming experience. “It was a real challenge.” 

While you won’t be able to judge Harry’s acting chops for another eleven days, several movie critics and film journalists have already gotten to watch an advanced screening. 

One thing a lot of critics agree on? Harry has packed some POWER into his performance.

Even viewers who didn’t know what to expect from Harry were surprised.

We have a LOT of questions about the movie, but this does help us get a sense of Harry’s performance.

It looks like Harry is a perfect complement to the rest of the cast, which is exactly what we like to hear.

And the film itself is said to be beautiful in every way.

But, to be completely fair, “Dunkirk” isn’t just all about Harry Styles OR his character: a lot of different stories are showcased in the movie!

Watch the trailer now!

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Story by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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