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13 Things We’d Love to See in “Descendants 2”


13 Things We’d Love to See in “Descendants 2”

From our fave characters to the newbies, this is going to be one epic sequel!

Has July 21 been circled on your calendar ever since Disney Channel first revealed that’s the day Descendants 2 will make its big debut? Because same. Since we can barely wait the mere days until the movie hits our TV screens, we’re rounding up the updates and plot points we’d love to see happen in the sequel.

1. Thanks to Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty’s real-life romance, we NEED to see their characters Mal and Harry interacting in D2. After all, this is the movie that started it all.

2. But that doesn’t mean we’re not dying of curiosity about Mal and Ben’s relationship updates! We ship them SO much, and can’t wait to see what the powerful pair is up to.

3. And speaking of couples, based on the Jane and Carlos dolls our pals at JJJ posted, we’re totally shipping Jarlos!

4. From first looks at China McClain’s character Uma (and the OMG-worthy “What’s My Name” music video!) we can’t wait to see the sassy character in her full glory.

5. In D2, Ben joins the villains for part of their adventure, and we need to see the clean-cut king in action as a VK!

6. But the trailer also showed us that Mal tries changing herself to fit in at Auradon Prep. We need to see how she handles the situation.

7. Uma’s pirate gang is filled with A+ cuties, and we’re expecting some epic song and dance numbers from this crew.

8. Also, honestly? If there’s a section of D2 that’s just Cameron Boyce dancing? We’d be okay with that. #GiveCarlosHisSolo

9. We officially need an update on another one of our fave pairs: Doug and Evie.

10. Will Uma and Mal’s relationship be a competitive rivalry… or will they become friends in the end? So far, we can’t tell!

11. Speaking of friendships, you KNOW our girls Mal and Evie are going to find a powerful way to join forces in D2.

12. And we can never get enough Carlos and Jay. Dream scenario? They team up to cause some serious mayhem at Auradon Prep!

13. We need to find out if Jane (Brenna D’Amico) is still finding her voice… and her confidence!

On July 21, all of our questions will be answered. In the meantime, watch Brenna’s exclusive #YSBnowGirlsOfSummer cover story below!

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