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Here’s Why Raini Rodriguez’s Latest Charity Effort Is So, So Awesome


Here’s Why Raini Rodriguez’s Latest Charity Effort Is So, So Awesome

In a full-circle moment, she presented a check to a charity that closely mirrors her childhood dream

Raini Rodriguez does a TON of charity work. This past weekend, she accepted a $250,000 check for Lollipop Theatre!

Lollipop Theater is a non-profit organization that arranges showings of first-run movies to children confined in hospitals. Isn’t that amazing?!

Here’s why it’s even more amazing: When we sat down with Raini this summer and asked her about discovering her passion for performing, she revealed something we never knew. As a young girl, Raini spent a lot of time in the hospital due to her severe asthma. During one of her stays, she decided that she wanted to be a doctor, so that one day, she could put on shows for pediatric patients! When she realized that there was an actual career for this – acting – she pursued her passion in a big way.

Raini may be a hugely famous actress, but she’ll never forget her roots. For Raini, it was never about being famous; it was about making a difference – and making kids smile. The fact that she’s making kids smile through her acting and her devotion to charity work is absolutely beautiful.

Click here to watch Raini reveal more of her incredible Hollywood journey.

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