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Holy Guacamole! These 10 T. Bell & Chipotle Menu Hacks Will Totally Slay Your #NationalTacoDay


Holy Guacamole! These 10 T. Bell & Chipotle Menu Hacks Will Totally Slay Your #NationalTacoDay

School should not be in session on this important holiday

Want to get more beans for your buck today? Spice up your tacos without burning your tongue? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these Chipotle and Taco Bell menu hacks that you can totally sink your teeth into. 

1. The Taco Bell Superman Burrito: When you order, ask for a Cheesy Double Beef burrito with extra potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and crispy tortilla strips inside! The yum is real:

2. Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl: Order your burrito in a bowl with the tortilla on the side & get way more bang for your burrito. Can’t finish it in one sitting? Grab a doggy bag and BAM! There’s a free burrito for later!

3. The Enchirito: Easily the most popular item on TB’s secret menu, you get an enchilada stuffed with beans, beef, & cheese that’s topped with diced onions and smothered in red sauce. Iconic.

4. Warning: Chipotle’s Quesarito is addicting. Instead of your burrito being wrapped in a boring, old flour tortilla it’s encased in a gooey cheesy quesadilla. One bite of this magical creation will send your taste buds into overdrive.

5. The Incredible Hulk: Ever wonder what a burrito filled with groovy guacamole tastes like? If so, The Incredible Hulk is for you. It’s essentially a 5 layer burrito but instead of layering it with nacho cheese, replace it with guacamole.

6. If the Quesarito sounds a bit daunting, the Burritodilla has your back. With half of the fillings of a burrito squeezed between handfuls of cheese, this glorious deliciousness will have you smacking your lips in a good way!

7. Not to be questioned by its small size, the Cheesarito packs all of that Taco Bell flavor that we’ve all come to love! It includes melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce all rolled up in a soft tortilla.

8. Chipotle Nachos: If you want a bowl of fresh chips loaded with your favorite toppings and whatever else you might be craving, just order a burrito bowl with chips instead of rice. These are perfect to share with friends…or not!

9. Chili Cheese Burrito: Sometimes referred as the “Chillito”, simply ask for chili and cheese to be wrapped in a soft tortilla. With its melted cheese and spicy beans, it will have your taste buds singing.

10. Double Wrapped Burrito: Struggling with spillage? We’ve got good news! If you ask super nicely, Chipotle will add TWO layers of tortilla protection to your burrito so you can rest assured that your guacamole isn’t going anywhere.

BONUS VID: Watch Forever In Your Mind share their Chipotle orders!

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