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Our 15 Favorite Health Apps – Plus, Find Out Which One Ellington Loves!


Our 15 Favorite Health Apps – Plus, Find Out Which One Ellington Loves!

An apple(phone) a day keeps the doctor away

by Danielle Sinay

With homework, friends, extracurriculars and family, finding the time to stay healthy seems impossible – but it’s not! Because now that we live in the age of Smartphones and Snapchat, staying healthy is just as easy as checking your Instagram.

We’ve rounded up fifteen of our favorite health apps so you can get healthy in seconds – whether you want to talk to a therapist, track your period, or simply learn some yoga poses. With so many options and ways to get healthy, we can assure you that at least one of these apps – or a few – are for you!


1. Silent Secret

Silent Secret is a social community “built by and for young people,” providing a safe space for teens to anonymously share their thoughts, feelings, and seek professional help. Each Silent Secret user shares the same goal: to support each other when they need it most, whether that’s through talking, listening, or connecting with an expert.

Download Silent Secret here.

2. 7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is essentially therapy on demand. It provides emotional and mental health service in just one click, connecting users with trained counselers with whom you can one-on-one chat. If you’re experiencing trouble with school, family, friends, or even just feeling down, a mental health professional is always available to listen and support you 24/7.

Download 7 Cups here.

3. Headspace

Think of Headspace as as a personal trainer for your mind. The app teaches users how to meditate in ten minutes, allowing users to experience the multitude of benefits from daily meditation at any time, in any place. Meditation is known to help relieve stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and insomnia, as well as sharpen focus and inspire and improve one’s general mood. Seems like a win-win to us! And it’s got a celeb fan in R5’s Ellington Ratliff, who’s the chillest dude ever. Holler! 

Download Headspace here.


1. Zombies, Run!

I personally hate running, so if you’re anything like me, this just might be the app for you. Zombies, Run! makes running fun – yes you read that right, RUNNING. FUN. It’s basically an interactive video game in which users reenact The Walking Dead while getting exercise. Tasks include collecting goods for your base camp, protecting humans from said zombies, and obviously, running as fast you can. It’s so much fun that the game became the highest-grossing health and fitness app within just two weeks of its release so…get running.

(And downloading.)

Download Zombies Run here.

2. Sworkit

If running from zombies isn’t for you, Sworkit might be the answer. Sworkit is short for ‘Simply Work it’ – and that’s exactly what the app will help you do. Just search the kind of workout you’re looking for – anything from strength to cardio to stretching – and how much time you have, and the app does the rest for you, personalizing the perfect work out for what it is you want and need. (Except the actual workout, of course.) The app’s library of workouts contains over 170 different exercises and is still growing, allowing users and experts to upload their personal exercises, too! Who knows, maybe you’ll upload your own!

Download Sworkit here.

3. Daily Yoga

Don’t forget to stretch after you work out – and if you’re unsure how, this app makes it easier than ever. Daily Yoga provides over 50 instructional yoga classes shot in HD Video, allowing users to turn their bedrooms into their own personal yoga studio! Yoga helps with all sorts of things: it increases flexibility, strengthens your core, improves concentration, helps you relax, and more! There is also a library with videos of more than 500 individual poses, if you’d like to create your own yoga set.

Download Daily Yoga here.


1. Fooducate

Fooducate’s name is pretty straight forward — the app helps educate you on nutrition and food so users know exactly what they’re eating. Fooducate allows you to scan barcodes on your favorite foods and brands when you’re grocery shopping, informing users how healthy every item is. It also helps users track sleep, mood, and hunger levels, analyzes the information you input and suggests how to meet your health and fitness goals!

Download Fooducate here.

2. Ingredient1

I have serious food allergies, and it makes grocery shopping the most annoying thing ever. Thankfully, Ingredient1 makes it much less annoying, suggesting hundreds of products that you can eat, plus where you can buy them nearby. All you need to do is input your daily diet and what you’d like to, or need to, avoid eating, and the app does the rest!

Download Ingredient1 here.

3. Waterlogged

Are you drinking enough water? I know that I’m not. Fortunately, Waterlogged is a great way to hold you accountable, tracking your daily intake of water and reminds you to hydrate throughout the day. Seriously, drink more water everyone! Especially when you’re working out! But actually always BECAUSE IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR HEALTH!

Download Waterlogged here.


1. Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow won the 2016 Webby for Health, and for good reason. It’s an innovative health and sex app as well as period tracker, allowing women to address their sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health all in one easy (and private) place: their phone. Eve helps educate users on birth control, contraception, and PMS symptoms, track their menstruation cycles, and much much more. Basically, every woman needs this app.

Download Eve by Glow here. 

2. Clue

If you’re looking for a more straightforward period-tracker, Clue is the app for you. It uses scientific data to not only help you keep track of your period, but analyzes users’ unique cycle patterns, personalizing the App to fit every user’s specific needs. Clue also acts as a period alarm clock, alerting users when period and PMS are on the horizon – which is always a nice surprise. (NOT.)

Download Clue here. 

3. Relationup

In need of relationship advice? Relationup has your back! While it’s easy to simply talk to friends or family, sometimes it’s best to talk to a professional. Relationup connects you with relationship experts in seconds, allowing you to get the support and guidance you need when it comes to healthy relationships!

Download Relationup here.


1. Sleep Cycle

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? You might not be getting enough sleep – or the right kind of sleep. Let Sleep Cycle help with that – all you need to do is leave the app open on your nightstand or in bed, and while you’re snoozing the app’s busy working to analyze your sleep cycle. The app wakes you the next morning when you’re in your “lightest sleep phase,” leaving you feeling more refreshed and alert than ever!

Download Sleep Cycle here.

2. Deep Sleep

If you have trouble actually getting to sleep, Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson is the app for you. The app provides guided meditation that is specifically targeted towards overcoming insomnia and as a result, helps make users sleepy. Unfortunately, no, it does not say “you are getting very sleepy,” though it should.

Download Deep Sleep here.

3. The Power Nap App

Sometimes all you really need is a nap! And the Power Nap App helps you do just that — allowing users to sleep a little less than 30 minutes, before waking them up with cute cat sounds. Power naps are super beneficial if you’re tired — just a half hour of sleep leaves you feeling more alert and improves concentration! It’s a win-win, because who doesn’t like cute cat sounds?

Download the Cat Nap App here.

Happy Health-ing!

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