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How Ally Brooke Turned a Heartbreaking Rejection Into a Passion to Shine


How Ally Brooke Turned a Heartbreaking Rejection Into a Passion to Shine

The singer opened up about feeling held back during her Fifth Harmony days.

During her days in Fifth Harmony, Ally Brooke slayed the game alongside her group of talented bandmates. But in a new Snapchat interview, the singer explained that sometimes she felt like she wasn’t showcasing her true potential within the group, and said she was even held back from pursuing feature projects.

“You’re successful, and doing all these amazing things, but also feeling like you’re not who you wish you could be,” Ally shared. 

One example Ally said stopped her from pursuing her own vision was a time she was rejected from releasing a solo feature project — though she said the other girls of 5H were working on similar collabs.

“We were all doing features,” she explained. “Everyone was experimenting and kinda spreading their wings. At that point, I felt like it was time for me to do the same. I found this one song that I really liked. I was a fan of the song, and I loved working with the artist, so I wa excited. But then I was told within the label that I couldn’t release it.”

Ally said she was told the person within the label who had to approve her track wouldn’t let it ever be released. 

“The tone [how it was] told to me was just very disheartening,” Ally said. “Everybody at the time were allowed to do features. This is not fair to, one, be spoken to this way, but also be told no because of a personal opinion.”

Ally shared that she just didn’t understand why the situation was happening to her.

“In that moment, I just felt alone,” she said. “There was a moment where I kind of decided for myself that, ‘Hey, I’m not going to take this kind of talk anymore. I’m not going to let someone in power do that to me.'”

Even though this was a difficult experience to get through, the singer said she turned the rejection into the motivation to shine brighter.

“After I got that no, I was inspired to work so much harder,” Ally said.

To hear more from Ally’s candid and honest new interview, you can check out the video below:

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