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How America Ferrara Battled Her Negative Inner Voice & Won


How America Ferrara Battled Her Negative Inner Voice & Won

“I know how it feels to allow someone else’s success to be my own failure”

At just 23 years old, America Ferrara won the Emmy Award for Best TV Actress!

Her speech was beautiful, but in a New York Times essay, America opened up about how she was really feeling that night. “This should have been a moment of sublime celebration,” she explained. “But it wasn’t. I can’t remember the words that came out of my mouth, but I do remember, clear as day, the words that ran through my mind: ‘Who do you think you are? You don’t belong here. No one here thinks you deserve this. Hurry up and get off the stage.’”

Since taking home that Emmy back in 2007, America’s continued to accomplish amazing things. She currently stars in the hit series, Superstore, and has emerged as an activist, using her platform to be a voice for the voiceless.

But one year ago, the idea of competing in a triathlon came about and all of a sudden that voice was back, telling her that she couldn’t do it.  Once again fighting it, like she has been all these years, she started training.  One day, her coach told her she needed to change what she’s been telling herself.  That moment, she had a revelation. She realized that if she wanted to overcome this challenge, she needed rescript her inner dialogue.  On her next run, she chanted: “I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up. I’ma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on herself!” 

By the time the race came, she was powering past people, and she began to yell louder words of encouragement to those she passed, in hopes that her words would be louder than those in the runner’s heads: “I know how it feels to be passed by. I know how it feels to allow someone else’s success to be my own failure. I know all too well how hard it is to battle a nasty inner voice.”

Two days after completing the race, America realized that she had transformed that voice inside her head.  What was once an “I can’t” became an “I can.”

America’s story proves that you CAN do anything. You CAN get that negative voice out of your head. You CAN accomplish things you’ve never dreamed of. And when you believe you CAN, you will find your breakthrough moment, whether it’s a triathlon, a school play, or a speech. You’re So Beautiful Now, and don’t ever let other people, or your own inner voice, tell you otherwise.

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