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10 Reasons Amy Schumer Should Star In The “Barbie” Movie


10 Reasons Amy Schumer Should Star In The “Barbie” Movie

Amy’s in talks to star as Barbie in the upcoming feature film!


Feminist, comedian, and actress Amy Schumer is reportedly in negotiations with Sony Pictures to play the lead Barbie in their new film, Barbie

Okay, stop scratching your heads, let me explain. The new PG film is going to be more than kid-friendly, and instead of portraying Barbies as idyllic beauties, it will be a heartwarming tale of inner acceptance. (Amy’s character gets kicks out of Barbie-world for being too eccentric.)

If you’re not on-board yet, we’ve compiled some of the reasons we think Amy–strong, empowering, and a total role model–is perfect for the role.

1. She doesn’t take herself too seriously:

2. She’s human:

3. She’s super loyal:

4. She graceful:

5. Her sister is her favorite person:

6. She’s a proud feminist:

7. She’s already had Barbies modeled after her:

8. She fan-girls with the rest of us:

9. She’s speaks out about what she believes in:

10. She’s an incredible role model:

We can’t wait to see it!

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