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How Will You #MakeItHappen This Summer?


How Will You #MakeItHappen This Summer?

Find out if you’re more like Sofia, Brec, Riele or Brenna!

In our first ever #YSBnowGirlsofSummer photoshoot, we showcase some of the kindest, hardest working and most talented ladies in the business. Just like Sofia Wylie, Brec Bassinger, Riele Downs and Brenna D’Amico inspire us to be the best we can be every single day, #YSBnowGirlsMakeItHappen!

How will YOU make this summer your best summer yet? Find out if you’re going to slay the game like Sofia, Brec, Riele or Brenna by taking our quiz here!

Want more? Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, watch our livestream from that day and get excited for the full cover stories coming soon!

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