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#HowISpentMySaturday: Here’s What Kara Royster Does On The Weekend


#HowISpentMySaturday: Here’s What Kara Royster Does On The Weekend

“I can’t do anything before I…”

We can imagine what “KC Undercover” and “Pretty Little Liars” actress Kara Royster does during the week – filming scenes in our favorite shows and working hard on set. But what does she do during her days off?

Wonder no more! As part of our #HowISpentMySaturday column, Kara took us through a typical Saturday in her life. Read on to find out what she gets up to!

9:30- Wake up and go straight to the shower! I can’t do anything or talk to anyone before I shower. Haha!

10:00am- I go to my emails and get as much work done as possible while watching my morning T.V. I love Live with Kelly and The View. It’s a nice way to start the day. I answer interviews, set up meetings, and get ready for my up coming week.

11:00am- I catch up on all the T.V I’ve missed. My DVR and queue is constantly full! I like to save up and binge watch all my reality T.V and new Netflix finds on the weekend.

12:30pm- I will probably meet up with my mom and sister or some girl friends for lunch! We all love sushi and ramen, or maybe some wings!

9:00pm- I’m hanging with my mom and dad watching our favorite show, Jeopardy, and yelling out all the right answers – not!

10:00pm- I get my makeup/hair done and meet up with friends for a fun night out!

12:30am- I’m done with my nighttime skin care, back in my Hello Kitty pyjamas, and then fast asleep!

What are YOU doing today? Tweet us @YSBnow!

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