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Ronni Hawk Shares Her Tips For A Clear Complexion On #SkincareSaturday


Ronni Hawk Shares Her Tips For A Clear Complexion On #SkincareSaturday

Find out all about her skincare routine!

Whether it’s wearing sunscreen or drinking lots of water, it’s so important to keep your skin healthy! In our #SkincareSaturday column, a different celeb will share her tips and daily routine every week. Today it’s the lovely Stuck In The Middle star, Ronni Hawk!

YSBnow: What are your best tips for keeping your complexion clear and healthy?

Ronni: Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush toxins through your system and wash twice a day. Try to avoid resting with your hand on your face, which can transfer bacteria. Also, keep your cell phone clean since it comes into direct contact with your skin.

YSBnow: What are your tricks for covering up a zit?

Ronni: Always remember: do not pick the zit! I love Bare Minerals matte powder to cover a blemish.

YSBnow: What is your daily skin routine?

Ronni: You must be disciplined in keeping your face cleansed, washing it twice a day. As soon as you wake up, wash with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil daily facial cleaner and then use a light sunscreen moisturizer.

At night, I use Neutrogena make up wipes to remove my eye and face makeup then I use warm water, Cetaphil and a moisturizer again.


YSBnow: What are your favorite affordable skincare products?

Ronni: Cetaphil daily facial cleaner and Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.

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