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In A Major Win For The Environment – And Humanity – DAPL’s Final Permit Is Denied!


In A Major Win For The Environment – And Humanity – DAPL’s Final Permit Is Denied!

Plus, celebrities like Rowan Blanchard & Lauren Jauregui React

by Molly Thomson

The 8,000+ people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation had an enormous and stunning victory yesterday. The Army Corps of Engineers refused to issue a permit for construction under the disputed area of the Mississippi River that led the national outrage. They announced that they would explore other routing options instead.

This is a huge upset for Energy Transfer Partners LP (who is behind the pipeline), and definitely a noteworthy one.

First and foremost, it’s a victory for the Sioux people–they were worried that the crude oil pipeline would destroy their site at Standing Rock. The pipeline’s construction breaks government treaties concerning the protection of sacred native lands, and the government’s lack of interest in the tribe’s well-being has been raising decades-old questions about how we treat Native Americans in this country and the respect we have for their land.

It is also a victory for the environment. The Sioux were more than concerned that the pipeline construction would threaten their primary water source, as it would be built upstream from it. Many argue that clean drinkable water is a basic human right that this pipeline would clearly violate.

The halting of the pipeline construction is also remarkable in another way: It shows that protesting can achieve something. We are not as powerless as we think, and showing our discomfort or concern in the way of peaceful protests is both legal–and, as this victory demonstrates, remarkably effective. 

In that spirit, here are some celebs who are ecstatic with the results (and fervently hoping that they won’t be revoked):

1. Rowan Blanchard captioned the below photo, “Got the news late here in Paris but I am on the verge of tears and so so so so thrilled.”

2. Shailene Woodley, who’s been there protesting for weeks writes, “First exhale in a long, long time. photo credit: @josue_foto”

3. Katy Perry reacted on Twitter:

4. Yara Shahidi posted this beautiful photo and captioned it, “Water is Life and Life is an inalienable right. I’m overjoyed that the Sioux people and their movement were heard!!”

5. Lauren Jauregui wrote, “Army Decides we get clean water everyone!! #NoDAPL PS keep your eyes open..this is definitely not over”

Lauren is right. Whether it’s at Standing Rock or at school, we must keep our eyes open and speak up for what’s right!

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