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In Honor Of His Birthday, Watch Our 10 Fave Tyler Oakley Vids!


In Honor Of His Birthday, Watch Our 10 Fave Tyler Oakley Vids!

The iconic YouTuber and all-around hero turns 28 years old today

It feels like just yesterday that Tyler was sitting his dorm room and uploading his first video….

tyler oakley tyleroakley GIF

And now our fave YouTuber is 28 [we’re not crying; you are!] One of the best things about Tyler is that no matter how famous he’s become, he continues to stay true to himself. “Since the beginning I have always tried to just be me,” he says. “YouTube has always been a diary for me. I’m here to share what I do, share my life, and if people want to watch, more power to them.” 

Yes, Tyler! We love watching your vids. In honor of your birthday, we’ve rounded up our Top 10!

1) We love Tyler’s vid about fan gifts! Can you believe he got a Lady Gaga toothbrush!?

2) We loved Tyler’s excitement in his recap of what went down when he appeared on Ellen’s talk show. #Goals:

3) Tyler interviewed Carrie Underwood while folding laundry, which makes for some hilarious LOL moments:

4) One of the things we love about Tyler is that he is so relatable! His Q&A vids are everything:

5) We love Tyler Oakley. We love Michelle Obama. We love dogs. And this video has all three in it. UM, HECK YES!

6) Tyler can totally rock a blue ‘do, but watching him react to teens reacting to himself was one of the greatest things we have ever seen!

7) Spread love, not hate! We love how Tyler got Zooey Deschanel to gush about other celebs!

8) Tyler Oakley at Universal Studios with his mom is all we need in life:

9) We literally cry with laughter every time we watch Tyler and Hannah Hart navigate this scary maze:

10) So, can Tyler Oakley interview Shawn Mendes during every press tour?! They even got to surprise a special fan!

We hope you have a fantastic birthday, Tyler!

Plus, watch our exclusive interview with Tyler below!

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