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Is Ally Brooke Going To Be On “This Is Us”?


Is Ally Brooke Going To Be On “This Is Us”?

This would make ALL of our dreams come true!

Chances are, if you’ve ever sat down to watch even one episode of the hit TV series “This Is Us,” you have been completely hooked ever since. And you share this trait in common with Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke, who has long professed her love for the NBC show.

Well, Ally just had a total dream experience, because actress Chrissy Metz invited her on set of the show to meet the entire cast — who loved hanging out with her as much as she enjoyed meeting them! In total Ally fashion, she even brought cookies along with her for everyone to munch on.

We’re so thankful that Ally and the show’s actors blessed us with so many incredible selfies from their time together!

It seems like everyone agreed that Ally’s cookies are the best.

Afterward, Chrissy shared that having Ally visit was nice… but having her guest-star would be even better.

To which Ally replied, she’s ABSOLUTELY down.

It seems like Ally was just hanging out on set and meeting the actors…

But we can’t help but wonder if she really IS in talks to have a guest-starring acting role on the series.

Clearly everyone would be so happy to see this happen! Ally herself has liked many fan tweets that are excited about the prospect.

We’ll keep you updated if the show DOES end up having Ally stop by to act!

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