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Iskra Lawrence Gets Real About Photoshop


Iskra Lawrence Gets Real About Photoshop

The model is calling out airbrushing for setting unrealistic beauty standards.

Model Iskra Lawrence is one of our favorite body positivity activists and inspiring stars to follow on Instagram. Why? Because she is always speaking up for the ways the fashion industry needs to become more inclusive and less focused on unattainable perfection. Case and point: when she was recently Photoshopped in a media photo from Fashion Week, Iskra took to social media to share why it’s so damaging.

“So gutted, I didn’t get any of my own pics in this look so found some online taken by Photogs, and I love this one BUT LOOK AT THE RETOUCHING!!!!” Iskra posted alongside the photo in question (below). “My skin / face does NOT look like this. So just remember when you see pics on here or online it’s not always real and never compare yourself to images because you’re perfectly imperfect just the way you are! I don’t even look like this pic of myself so don’t compare yourself to it xoxoxox??.”

Iskra really has a point: she’s beautiful all on her own, but her face here is airbrushed beyond her own recognition. If she posted this pic without context, she knows that her followers might stress about why *their* skin isn’t glowing and perfect and overall #goals like hers is. 

The model is making a big step to show there’s more to the story than we first see – and true beauty comes from being ourselves, not manipulating our photos to erase “flaws.” You go, Iskra!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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