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Chandler Kinney Shares an Inspiring Message for International Women’s Day


Chandler Kinney Shares an Inspiring Message for International Women’s Day

On this day that’s all about girl power, the actress is speaking up.

Chandler Kinney is one of our favorite stars to go to for motivational messages. That’s because the “Lethal Weapon” actress is always working towards causes she cares about, and speaking up for what she believes in. That’s why she’s one of the best role models to spotlight this International Women’s Day.

In a new interview with Glitter magazine, Chandler shared that she knows a lot of younger girls look up to her career – and she doesn’t take the responsibility lightly.

“I hope to inspire all the females who follow me and my career to remember that persistence pays off,” the star explained “I understand that, despite advancements in the feminist agenda to achieve a society in which there is no gender inequality, it can still be difficult to operate as a woman in today’s society.”

The actress also shared that she’s proud of her TV series “Lethal Weapon” for helping to change the way women are presented on camera “On our show, every female in the cast is portrayed in a strong and intelligent manner, and I’m incredibly proud and honored to be contributing to positive representation in media,” she shared. “I hope we stand as a reminder that it is very possible to achieve your dreams so long as you never give up.”

What an incredible message!

Check out Chandler’s new magazine cover shoot below!

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