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Jace Norman’s Childhood Dream Is Becoming a Reality


Jace Norman’s Childhood Dream Is Becoming a Reality

Not only is he working on “Henry Danger” Season 5, but now he’s producing a film!

One of Jace Norman’s biggest, wildest dreams is coming true right before his very eyes. And he almost can’t believe it. That’s because right now he’s starting up work on a film project he is producing. Yes! We are SO proud.

“Had our first casting session for the movie I’m producing with some great friends,” Jace captioned an Instagram pic of him sitting around a meeting table.

“You have know idea what this means to me being able to this is a dream I had since I was 6,” he explained, reflecting on his childhood dreams. “A boy in a small town in New Mexico was far from that reality but I was too young to know that. 10 years later that reality that was in my head is now the one I am living.”

The actor has always expressed his gratitude for where his career has taken him, to roles on Nickelodeon shows, movies, animated features, and beyond. But now, he’s adding another major milestone to his accomplishment list, and it’s all just as unbelievable and exciting.

Jace finished off his post some advice for all of his fans out there who may have big dreams of their own on the horizon.

“Work your face off FOR THE RIGHT THINGS,” he wrote. “Ask for help. Be kind. Have fun. Thanks to all who helped me get here. Means the world really. Never stop dreaming. As long as you have it in your mind it’s still a possibility. (By the way between all the cool Instagram post is all of not good times and hard [stuff]) it’s all a part of it.”

You can check out Jace’s photo post below for an added dash of inspiration:

We cannot WAIT to see what this turns into. To hear more from Jace and find out where it all began for his career, be sure to catch up with our previous interview with him below.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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