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#MotivationMonday: Danai Gurira Shares Her Inspiring Fitness Advice


#MotivationMonday: Danai Gurira Shares Her Inspiring Fitness Advice

The “Black Panther” actress shares what ACTUALLY keeps her motivated.

Establishing a workout routine that you actually love can take some time. But once you get there, it can feel amazing! As part of her new campaign with Reebok, fierce “Black Panther” actress Danai Gurira dished some of her best tips for getting started in your self-care and fitness routine.

Keep your gear low maintenance.

It can be really intimidating to go to the gym and find yourself surrounded with all kinds of machines, weights, and accessories. What do you ever do with some of that stuff? Danai says all she really needs to be workout-ready is a “pair of leggings, a sports bra, and a tank top,” which is a stylish and effortless ensemble we can all get behind!

When you don’t have to worry about fancy equipment, you realize can sneak a workout in anywhere throughout the day. Staying active doesn’t only mean being on a treadmill.

Get a little better each day.

Everybody and every body is different, but you should listen to what yours tells you. But those days when you feel like you have one more crunch in you? Go for it! It’s all a journey, of course. Danai says she’s most inspired when she hits a goal she sets for herself, “despite discomfort, fatigue, or excuses.” Such a great motto.

Fuel your body with that it needs.

If you want to challenge yourself to make big strides with your fitness routine, you have to take care of yourself, stay hydrated, and fuel your body with the healthy snacks and energy it needs.

“I could never workout without electrolyte-enhanced water,” Danai shares about her workout must-have. “Electrolytes are the difference between a great workout and one that you cut short because you feel sore and depleted.” 

“I drink lots of water, take my supplements, and eat food that nourishes my body,” Danai says. “I listen to my body.” 

These are solid tips, though we wouldn’t expect anything less from this star!

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