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Jeffrey Miller Made a Fri-YAY Playlist Just For You


Jeffrey Miller Made a Fri-YAY Playlist Just For You

Get your weekend started with his Live For The Night playlist.

Welcome to the very first YSBnow Celebrity Guest Playlist! We’ve been making playlists for you guys since we launched, but now we’re handing it over to some of your favorite stars. 

This week, Jeffrey Miller shared an exclusive playlist he made with us, just for YSBnow fam! If you don’t know Jeffrey, he’s an amazing singer and he just dropped his debut EP “Rise” last month! iHeart named him their new favorite artist and his song Live For The Night is gaining some serious buzz. 

You can grab his EP on Spotify and iTunes now!

You can check out his music video below the playlist. 

Check it out below and tweet us who you want to make our next playlist!


Check out Jeffrey’s music video here:

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