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Jennette McCurdy Takes On Body Altering Apps


Jennette McCurdy Takes On Body Altering Apps

Let’s quit it and just embrace our beauty!

As the pressure to post the perfect Instagram photo only gets more and more unbearable, we’re seeing more apps pop up that completely alter the way that we look in real life. Facetune is an app that can morph your body and make you look completely different- which is a BAD thing! Look, right now, the way that you are, in this very moment is PERFECT. There is no need to look at a photo of yourself and say, “let me change my stomach or my face or my arms.” So it is really truly an entire step backwards for women as a whole when any of us post an edited photo to Instagram. When you edit your body, you’re ultimately saying that you are not good enough the way that you are, which is untrue!

We get it, maybe you wake up and you don’t feel as confident as you did the day before, but let us paint you a picture, and we think Jennette McCurdy would agree. You wake up and you think that you look beautiful (which is the honest truth), because there are no disgusting media standards or appearance expectations. Let’s get rid of those together!

So many celebs are helping us take steps forward to demolish these gross ideals of what a woman’s body should look like (ew! no one can tell you what you should look like!) and one of those amazing celebs is Jennette McCurdy.

She posted the below photo of a ridiculous morph of her body to mock and break down those gross body morphing apps and we could not be more proud of her for doing it. She captioned the pic, “Hey guys- can we stop using facetune and other flaw-correcting apps to extremes? Instead of camouflaging our flaws and feeling ashamed, let’s embrace our strengths and feel empowered. Comment on this post with three things you love about yourself. #selflove.” We are so inspired by Jennette’s stand against body altering apps and we hope that you are too!

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