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Kira Kosarin’s Inspiring Message: “I Am The Same Person In Both Pictures”


Kira Kosarin’s Inspiring Message: “I Am The Same Person In Both Pictures”

Kira Kosarin has always been one of our favorite role models. Every time we talk to her, she has something new and inspiring and important to share with our readers. Whether she’s taking on Internet bullies or just answering your personal advice questions, Kira is a positive light in an industry that really badly needs it.

This week Kira continued to share positive messages with an Instagram post. The post is a side by side of two images of Kira in the same swimsuit. One image is her at 126 lbs and the other is her at 136 lbs. Maintaining a weight can be really hard and takes tons of time and dedication, so when someone doesn’t have the time to keep that routine up, their body is going to change.

But just because Kira has gained a few pounds does not mean she is any less healthy, any less determined, or any less of ANYTHING. Here’s what she had to say.

Quick note about weight loss and weight gain and giving yourself a freaking break ??

It’s so easy to say “Love yourself at every size!” and “give yourself a break!” to strangers on the Internet, but it’s another thing to actually try to practice it. So, in that spirit… This is me at 126lbs a few months ago, and me at 136lbs today, following 5 months of no working out (due to a back injury) and lots of international traveling and airport food.
I am the same person in both of these pictures. Sure, my hips are a little bigger now, my chin and cheekbones a little less pronounced, my cheeks a bit chubbier, and the gap between my thighs pretty much nonexistent. But I’m still me, and even better, I’m a new version of me who’s eaten so many new delicious things and had so many exciting adventures. I’ve taken the extra free time I’d normally spend working out to have movie nights with my friends and write music. I’ve gotten to enjoy fish and chips and chocolate biscuits in London and dark chocolate in Seattle and churros in Orlando.
Which picture is “really” me? They both are.
Now that I’m back home I’ll get back on my healthy eating journey, and hopefully my back will get better soon so I can get to work on getting strong again. I’ll eat kale and egg whites and do Pilates and love that workouts relieve so much stress. Sometimes I’ll eat Oreo cheesecake and that’ll be cool too. Some days I’ll go hiking until I can’t feel my quads and can’t stop sweating and smiling, and sometimes I’ll sit right where I am and enjoy every second of it.

I will love where I am while working to be where I’d like to be, and love the process as much as anything else. And most of all, every once in a while, like right now, I’ll give myself a freaking break.
And I hope you will too.”

We LOVE you Kira and you inspire us every day to love ourselves.


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