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Lane Bryant’s #ThisBodyIsMadeToShine Campaign Is AMAZING


Lane Bryant’s #ThisBodyIsMadeToShine Campaign Is AMAZING

Ashley Graham, Gabourey Sidibe & Danielle Brooks SLAY in Lane Bryant’s new body-positive campaign

Lane Bryant’s latest campaign #ThisBodyIsMadeToShine has gone viral for all the right reasons: proving that the perfect way to combat body-shame is simply shrugging it off! 

    The iconic campaign features Ashley Graham, Gabourey Sidibe, Danielle Brooks, Candice Huffine, and Alessandra Garcia, who inspire us while looking bomb in the brand’s body-hugging clothes. 

    #ThisBodyIsMadeToShine was created in order to “show all women that it is possible to continue to shine despite what anyone has to say,” and manifests this mission in its recently released commercial: the ad features the stars reading body-shaming posts about them on social media – and exuding self-love while doing so.

    Danielle Brooks later shared how she’s able to love her body despite society’s criticism: instead of thinking that “maybe she should change,” the reality is that “67 percent of women that are in this plus-size world.” In other words, those that really need to change are designer clothing, not our bodies.

     Because the “ideal” female body has been changing for centuries: in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe and pin-up girls were idealized for their curvy shapes. But even then, pin-up photographs were retouched to look unattainable with larger busts, smaller waists, and longer legs – so many of the models’ “curves” weren’t really their curves at all.

    Just ten years later, in the 1960s, women like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn became the body-image icons – both who were known for their slender physiques. And this trend continued into and through the nineties, when models like Kate Moss dominated the fashion industry. But finally, after nearly a century to forcibly listening to what the industry thinks, women are finally being encouraged to be whatever size they want, and reminded that they’re beautiful for who they are naturally.

    Designer Christian Siriano, who has collaborated with Lane Bryant in the past, has proven himself and his line to be body-positive, too: he was one of the few designers that featured models of all sizes in his latest runway show. Christian believes that other designers can and should follow his lead; they simply need to put in the time to fit their pieces to more proportions. As for the models society considers “plus sized,” Christian says that “they’re just beautiful girls who are in the show, like normal. Everything’s normal. That’s how it should be!”

“We are lucky to live in a world made up of so many different kinds of people and I am confident in the direction we are going,” Ashley Graham said following her involvement with the campaign. We couldn’t agree more, Ashley.

    We’re so glad that models and designers are finally acknowledging and admiring women of all shapes and sizes. Everyone is beautiful, whether they’re a size, 12, or don’t know their size at all!

 And as Gabourey said, “Slay. All. Day.” 

Check out the campaign video here!

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