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Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Writing Her Solo Album


Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Writing Her Solo Album

You’ll never believe when she started the writing process.

If you’re as excited for Lauren Jauregui’s solo album as we are, then you’re keeping a close on eye on all of her social media for updates as soon as they come in. Luckiily, Lauren has been really open with her fans about the process behind the album and has been blessing us with news all the time. This weekend, she tweeted back to some fans with some surprising info about the writing process!

Up until earlier this year, Lauren had only ever written two songs, so the process of writing this album is super new.

The songs we’re going to hear were only written in the last month!

And if you’re wondering how soon you’ll get to hear new music, it might be sooner than you think…

As for Lauren’s emotions releasing this solo music, she’s put her heart and soul into these songs and is excited for everyone to hear them.

Congrats, Lauren! In the meantime, we’ll be over here patiently waiting to hear the music!

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