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Lena Dunham Still Regrets a Beauty Mistake She Made As a Teenager


Lena Dunham Still Regrets a Beauty Mistake She Made As a Teenager

Her brows will probably never be as fleek as she wants them to be.

Star of her own HBO show, best friend to Taylor Swift, and voice to 20 something millenials everywhere, Lena Dunham posted a photo months ago of just her eye. But when you read the caption, you’ll know that she’s actually trying to bring attention to her very thin looking eyebrow. Lena is a huge advocate for loving the way you look and feeling comfortable in your own skin, but we all have things we want to change about ourselves and that’s okay too, we swear! But Lena posted this picture to let you all know that unless you one thousand percent know what you’re doing, plucking your own eyebrows is probably not the best move. People go to school for years to learn how to get that perfect brow shape and if you mess up just once EVER, your brows won’t be the same for years and years.

Below is the picture Lena posted this week of her new eyebrows after she started taking vitamins specific for brow growth, but she still hates that she has to do that. “Work so hard on these and it’s never enough,” Lena captions it.

So let this be a lesson! Your natural eyebrows are beautiful and pretty much everyone these days is rocking those full brow looks, so don’t touch them! Think about yourself in 15 years regretting that decision and posting a picture on social media of your brows totally off fleek.


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