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Let’s Talk Sports Tuesday: McKenzie Morales


Let’s Talk Sports Tuesday: McKenzie Morales

This 13-year-old dances her way into our hearts!

McKenzie Morales is not just your average 13-year-old. She is an amazing dancer, singer and actress who is also an inspiration to all teens suffering from anxiety. 

At the age of seven McKenzie was very shy and suffered from severe anxiety. To help break her out of her shell, McKenzie’s mom enrolled her into a dance class and she has been dancing ever since!

“I suffer from severe anxiety and most of the time I just want to stay in my room and don’t want to face the world,” McKenzie said. “But my parents and dance help me get through those tough times.”

Recently McKenzie put her fears aside and danced her heart out on Ellen’s new show, “Twitch and Allison’s Kids Dance Challenge!”

The triple threat 13-year-old shows us that no matter what you are dealing with as long as you stay positive and have a great support system you will be able to accomplish anything! You go McKenzie!!!

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