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Lorde Opens Up About Her Acne Struggles


Lorde Opens Up About Her Acne Struggles

For anyone out there who has bad skin, I feel your pain,” the singer shared.

Lorde is one of those ultra-talented megastars who just blows us away by how refreshingly real and honest she is with her fans. The singer has never shied away from talking about issues she’s dealing with — whether big or small — and her latest subject matter is her struggles with acne.

In a new Instagram story, the star opened up about what she’s SO over hearing when it comes to skincare woes, and that’s all the unhelpful advice others offer. When she’s out here trying every treatment, medication, or scrub, she knows banishing her breakouts for good is more complex than “put a cream on it.”

“Acne sucks. You know what also sucks? When you’ve had acne for years and years and years, done all the drugs, tried all the things, and people are still like, ‘You know what worked for me, is moisturizing!’” she joked on her social media, parodying the tips in a sarcastic tone. “Make a mask out of honey, greek yogurt and avocado. All you need to do is buy an apricot scrub! Coconut oil – the secret is coconut oil!”

Lorde said she’s had enough with the insulting comments and questions. “Do you wash your face?” she deadpanned. “It’s like, yes, I wash my face, I’m just genetically cursed.” 

But the star didn’t just joke about these clueless comments: she also shared a genuine moment with fans who might be going through similar skincare struggles.

“For anyone out there who has bad skin — and actual bad skin, not the kind of bad skin you can just use a fancy cream for for a few days and it will get better — I feel your pain,” she shared. “We’ll get there, we will. Promise.” 

See why she’s just incredible? She gets it.

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