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Lucy Hale Stands Up for Herself After a Body-Shamer Criticizes Her Weight


Lucy Hale Stands Up for Herself After a Body-Shamer Criticizes Her Weight

“I’m healthy and happy and you don’t know me,” the PLL actress said.

No one should ever feel like they have to defend their body weight, shape, or size from others — especially not strangers on the Internet. But after seeing rude comments about her thin shape on social media, “Pretty Little Liars” and “Life Sentence” actress Lucy Hale took a stance and stood up for herself and others who have been the target of body-shaming remarks.

It all started when Lucy posted a stylish snap on her Twitter. Although there was absolutely nothing at all wrong with her body in the photo, someone replied to her Tweet to say that no guys are a fan of “that anorexic look.”

Unfortunately, we’re sure that Lucy chooses to brush off random tweets all the time, but she couldn’t let comments like this slide.

Lucy replied to this message to say that she has previously struggled with anorexia herself, and it’s neither something to joke about nor something to shame her about.

Exhaustingly, the comments didn’t stop there: and the same Twitter user continued to send Lucy condescending GIFs in response to her message.

Usually, we’d say to ignore the haters, but Lucy sure made her message clear: who has time to let this kind of stuff stand?

It can be really tough to combat all the hatred that goes around online. It’s never okay to use someone’s weight or health as a joke’s punchline, and we’re so proud of Lucy for speaking up for herself.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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