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Your Favorite Web Stars Team Up for Mexico Earthquake Relief Efforts


Your Favorite Web Stars Team Up for Mexico Earthquake Relief Efforts

Jerome Jarre, Nash Grier, Gabriel Conte, Cameron Dallas, and more are getting involved.

Junapa Zurita is calling together #LoveArmy, and is giving back in a big way: the web star has teamed up with Jerome Jarre, Ben Stiller, German Garmendia, and more of their famous friends to create a GoFundMe page in support of Mexico earthquake relief efforts. The page’s goal is to support and refuel the big efforts the people of Mexico City are already doing: rebuilding, providing medical attention, and showing how strong community can be. 

Stars like Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, Gabriel Conte, Nev Schulman, Brent Rivera, and many more have shown their support by posting links and creating videos of their own to highlight the cause. With their incredible combined social media reach, the fund already reached over $220,000 in donations in only about two days — and shows no signs of stopping.

In their videos, each star is highlighting the incredible ways the people of Mexico are coming together in the face of disaster. From hotels opening their doors to those in need of free shelter…

… to restaurants cooking free meals for those in need of hot dinners, the country is pulling together in remarkable ways.

The mission these stars are after is inspiring all of us, no matter where in the world we may be, to similarly join together and give back.

Directly from his native Mexico City, Juanpa organized his friends to spotlight exactly what is going on in Mexico.

Not only are these messages highlighting what Mexico still needs in terms of aid, but they are sharing the stories of people accomplishing big things through the power of teamwork.

To get involved yourself and see more of the stars who have lent their voices and funds to the cause, make sure to check out the links each star has posted!

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