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Madison Beer Buys A Fan An Expensive Shirt Because of a Tweet


Madison Beer Buys A Fan An Expensive Shirt Because of a Tweet

You’ll never believe this amazing act of generosity.

Madison Beer is known among fans as being more of a friend than anything else to them, which only makes her even more iconic. The talented singer is always interacting with fans online and she always stops to take photos with them in person. 

It’s no secret that she loves her fans, but her latest act of kindness is almost unheard of when it comes to celeb and fan relationships. 

One of Madison’s fans tweeted about loving a shirt from a brand that Madison is always wearing. She wasn’t seriously asking Madison to buy the shirt for her, but instead she was just sending Mad a friendly tweet.

What happened next was pretty amazing. Madison quoted the tweet and asked her for her shipping address.

She was obviously so excited, because DUH your favorite singer just offered to buy you a fancy shirt!

Even the next morning she was still in shock.

Madison’s other fans were surprised by the generous gift too, but instead of being jealous and rude, they appreciated and supported Madison’s generosity.

You go, Madison! That was a really special and memorable gift and it just proves how endlessly classy you are.

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