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#ManCrushMonday: Trevor Jackson


#ManCrushMonday: Trevor Jackson

Find out why we love the 19-year-old Indiana native!

Trevor Jackson first burst onto the scene in 2012’s Disney Channel movie, Let It Shine. And who could forget his turn as bad boy Trent on Austin & Ally?

But recently, Trevor’s taken on more dramatic roles and used his music to make a difference. Earlier this month, Trevor released the poignant music video for his song, “Like I Do,” which was filmed in his hometown and tackles the epidemic of gun violence. The video is dedicated to his cousin, Mark, who was tragically shot and killed last month. You can watch “Like I Do” below.

And on January 6, we know what we’ll be watching: the season premiere of American Crime. Trevor will star as basketball player Kevin LaCroix on Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed ABC series. Aside from his acting and music, we also love Trevor’s friendship with Zendaya. “My best guy friend, Trevor, I’ve known since I was 12,” she’s said. The BFFs are always supporting one another, and he even guest starred on the first episode of her show, K.C. Undercover!

Whether he’s working on music, filming an acting project, or just hanging out with his friends, Trevor is always humble, kind, and grateful for everything. “I’m looking forward to being able to create even more in 2016,” he tells us. Plus, he’s got a message for #TeamYSBnow. “You’re so beautiful now, just being you!” If you haven’t already, mark your calendar for January 6 and be sure to follow Trevor on Instagram & Twitter @trevorjackson5!


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