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Maren Morris Reveals the Story Behind Her Powerful New Song, “Dear Hate”


Maren Morris Reveals the Story Behind Her Powerful New Song, “Dear Hate”

The country artist dropped some of her most heartfelt lyrics of all time… for a cause.

With so many tragedies, struggles, and awful news going on in the world, several songwriters, artists, and musicians have made it their mission to unify and comfort their fans through the universal power of music. The latest star to add her voice to the mix is country singer Maren Morris, who released her powerful new song “Dear Hate” with Vince Gill to share an important message and give back in a big way.

Maren shared that the official release of this song has been a long time coming, but the story and message behind the track has always remained the same: no matter what kind of hatred shows itself in the world, “Love’s gonna conquer all.”

“I wrote this song 3 years ago, recorded it last year with Vince Gill, and always have fans asking when I’ll put it out,” Maren shared. “I never knew when would be the right time, but I realized today that there’s never a right time.”

“Hate is everywhere, and I’m sick of not doing enough,” she added. “In the darkest tunnel, there is still love & music. That’s what it’s here for. Here is Dear Hate. Any cent I see from this I’m donating to the Music City Cares Fund.”

Maren also shared a throwback photo of herself working on the song with Vince — and added another message for fans.

“Thank you for your outpour of support for Dear Hate. Because of the response, iTunes has put it up early. Proceeds will be going to Music City Cares Fund. ??,” Maren captioned her Instagram snap.

You can listen to the song in the video player below, and make sure to pick up your single on iTunes to support the cause!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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