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Matt Espinosa Suffers a Heartbreaking Loss


Matt Espinosa Suffers a Heartbreaking Loss

His fan and friend, Reese, passes away after a longtime battle with cancer

Less than an hour ago, Matt Espinosa sent a series of grief-stricken tweets that sent a shockwave through the fandom. Matt lost someone very close to him tonight, a girl named Reese who he’d met through the Make A Wish Foundation a couple of years ago.

In July of 2014, she’d fought cancer and won, and he celebrated the news on Twitter.

But Reese lost her battle today, and Matt wrote a touching and powerful tribute to her on Instagram.

“I remember hearing about you, I remember them telling me you were very sick but the one thing you wanted was to meet me, I remember flying all the way to New York to meet you.

I remember going to dinner with you and your parents, then getting stuck on that one level on that one arcade game and us laughing about it, I remember how you told me you looked up to me. And I remember the feeling it gave me when I heard that.

And Now has Heaven received one of the best and strongest Angels I know. I can’t believe you’re gone. My hands have been non-stop shaking typing this and I can’t stop crying thinking about you.

I love you so much Reese. I’ll see you again someday. And I will always remember the impact you put on my life because it will be with me til the day I see you again. Rest in peace beautiful soul.”

Heaven welcomed a very special angel today, and we’ll all hug our family and friends a little tighter tonight. Rest in peace, Reese.

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