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#SecretSaturdays: Chipotle


#SecretSaturdays: Chipotle

Find out what’s on Chipotle’s secret menu!

We did it again! We dug up some secret menu items! This time we are coming in hot with hidden deliciousness off of Chipotle’s secret menu! Check out these delicious dishes that you’ll definitely want to try!

Chipotle Burritodilla

Crunchy. Gooey. AND. Delicious. I’M IN! If you haven’t guessed it, this hidden menu item is a combo of a stuffed, flavorful burrito and a simple quesadilla!

Chipotle Double Wrapped Burrito

Fan of the warm and chewy tortilla shell that practically makes the burrito? Then you will love this hidden menu item! This burrito is wrapped up in not one, but TWO tortilla shells!

Chipotle Nachos

This is a FAV hidden menu item! Ask for a bowl of fresh tortilla chips and cover them in the works! Cheese, beans, salsa, meat, guacamole… whatever your taste buds desire!

Chipotle Quesarito

My mouth is already watering from the name! This is not your average burrito; it is a QUESarito! Your burrito is literally wrapped up in cheesy deliciousness that is a quesadilla! This might just be my new fav!

Chipotle Single Taco

This secret menu item used to be available only for kids! Now, if you aren’t that hungry but still looking to fulfill your craving then you are in luck! Instead of having to order three tacos you are able to order just one!

Thinking about trying any of these delish hidden menu items?! Tweet us @ysbnow and let us know! Plus, watch the vid below to find out what Jake Miller & Alex Angelo order from Chipotle!

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