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Mckenna Grace Joins the Adopt a Turkey Project


Mckenna Grace Joins the Adopt a Turkey Project

This Thanksgiving, the actress wants you to stand up for turkeys!

Mckenna Grace is speaking up for a cause she really cares about. The “Gifted” actress has teamed up with Farm Sanctuary to be the face of the farm animal protection organization’s annual “Adopt a Turkey” project. A longtime animal lover and animal rights activist, Mckenna filmed a cute video clip where she’s surrounded by her fluffy friends to explain why she wants others to consider symbolically “adopting” an animal.

“Turkeys make awesome friends,” Grace shared. “They are so sweet and they all have different personalities. That’s why I would rather love them than eat them. Sadly, 46 million turkeys are killed at Thanksgiving and never get a chance at a good life. That’s nothing to be thankful for. So this year, do our turkey friends a favor and keep them off your plate. Join me and be a part of Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project!”

The organization allows sponsors to “adopt” a sanctuary turkey for a one-time donation of $35. Sponsors receive a special adoption certificate with a photo and fun sheet about their turkey — which is recommended for sponsors to display on their holiday table this Thanksgiving instead!

You can watch Mckenna’s new video for the Farm Sanctuary below.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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