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#MCM Alert: 7 Reasons We’re Watching Thomas Barbusca


#MCM Alert: 7 Reasons We’re Watching Thomas Barbusca

See why we think Thomas is the new IT guy.

Mark our words: Thomas Barbusca is going to be one of the most famous actors in the biz very soon. He’s undeniably talented, hilarious, and outgoing. 

Here are 7 reasons he’s our MCM today!

1. If he can make us love him in just one Geico commercial, this kid has something special.

2. You might remember him as Leo in Middle School: Worst Years of My Life where he was absolutely hilarious.

3. He’s super stylish!

4. He’s friends with all of our faves!

5. He was also on American Horror Story: Hotel, The League, and Kirby Buckets! That’s a pretty impressive resume.

6. He can dance…even if it is to something silly like the Little Einsteins theme song.

7. His new show, The Mick, is absolutely hilarious and it’s going to skyrocket Thomas’ career.

Congratulations on your new show, Thomas!

(main photo: Helga Esteb/

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