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Meet 5 YouTubers Who Are All About Self-Love & Body Positivity


Meet 5 YouTubers Who Are All About Self-Love & Body Positivity

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Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to love yourself. Though we try our best to practice self-love and care, we’re often our own worst enemies. And that’s why it’s important to remember that You’re So Beautiful Now! 

Here are 5 YouTubers that are spreading the message:

1. Em Ford’s vids will remind you to love your own skin. In 2015, “YOU LOOK DISGUSTING” went viral featuring real comments left on her bare-face selfies. “I wanted to create a film that showed you are beautiful, no matter how flawed you feel,” she says.

2. Blogilates, hosted by Cassey Ho, is comprised of workout videos that are easy to follow along with at home. Cassey often talks about self-love as being vital to one’s health and posted “The ‘Perfect’ Body” to battle body shaming and cyber bullying:

4. Nikkie Tutorials’ videos focus on having fun with makeup and doing it for YOU and no one else. Wearing makeup does not mean you want to impress boys, hide insecurities or that you don’t love yourself, she says. Preach, Nikkie!

3. YouTuber Shalom Blac suffered burns as a young girl and starting doing makeup to cope with bullying. “You should love yourself makeup or no makeup,” she says now. “Makeup is not the reason why I am happy. I’m happy because I love myself.

5. John Bird revealed his body images issues and how it can be rather awkward for men to talk about such things. He’s also very vocal about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community. Way to go, John!

Remember, You’re So Beautiful NOW!

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