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Meet Lizzy Howell & See How She’s Slaying The Dance World


Meet Lizzy Howell & See How She’s Slaying The Dance World

“I like being a role model to others, especially to younger girls struggling to find themselves”

Have you ever wanted to try something, but were worried about what people might think or say? Whether it’s picking up an instrument, or trying out for the school play, we’ve all been there. But 15-year-old Lizzy Howell should give you the inspiration to follow your passion. The Delaware teen has been doing ballet for over a decade! 

“If I had a good day, I go to dance,” she says. “If I had a bad day, I go to dance.”

We love how Lizzy’s defying the stereotype that to be a dancer, you have to be rail-thin. And she’s winning over tons of fans, like “Dance Moms” star Nia Sioux!

Nia writes, “Lizzy is a ballerina who refused to stop dancing even when her teachers told her she needed to lose weight to get the roles she wanted. She likes being a role model to others and proves that you can be what you want to be.”

Lizzy loves being a role model, but doesn’t like being called a “plus-sized” dancer. “If I can do everything anyone else can, why should I be categorized differently?” she asks. We agree – way to go, Lizzy! Keep dancing & dazzling us all!

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